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Course Campus Group Membership
(2014-2015) courses will have 7 Campus groups - Edinburgh, ALP, Dubai, Borders, Orkney, IDL and Malaysia (excluding new courses).

These courses will be populated automatically with students enrolled on your courses according to the campus they are aligned to.

If you have a new course and would like the 7 Campus groups created.

Please submit a ticket (or email

Use the subject header Vision Course Groupings with your Course ID, for example

Vision Course Groupings: A145-BRD_2014-2015

Your Campus groups should be available and populated within 1 working days of them being created

Instructor Access

The VLE management group agreed a new procedure for enrolling instructors in 2013-2014.

The schools provided a list of course leaders to be assigned to each course and each course leader in turn is responsible for enrolling other course instructors.

Please contact the assigned course Leader.

Blackboard Learn Mobile FAQs See Vision
Student cannot see course on Vision Are you/the student fully registered?

It normally takes 24 hrs from registration until the course appears for the student in the VLE.

Wait 24 hrs from registration and try again.

Once the initial 24 hrs has past, if you still can't see the course it could be one of two problems: -

  • Course enrolment: - check that you are enrolled for this course (speak to your school administrator)
  • Course availability: - courses and content need to be enabled by academic teaching staff before students can see them. Speak to your course lecturer to ensure they have made the content available.

If there are still problems, please contact the IT Helpdesk.
Cannot logon to Vision  This could be a problem with your University username, password or Vision account not being set up.

Try to logon to the

  •     Heriot Watt webmail system
  •     a University Desktop PC in a public lab

If successful try to logon to Vision again.

If you still experience problems contact the IT Helpdesk.



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